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tommoassists' FC pack - Luke Hemmings


  • 750 gifs
  • 30 icons
  • 3 PNGs
  • 20 headers

None of the gifs, PNGs, headers or icons were made by me and all credit goes to the original owners. If you see your resource in the pack and would like it taken off just let me know.

You can download it here.

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theme 27 "adri v2" preview (r) / download (r)
  • The links (r) are regular links, without adfly. Just in case your internet is slow I guess?
  • Please do not repost, or edit and repost! I obviously don’t mind people editing it, though. 
  • Please keep the credit in place, although feel free to move it on a separate page if you want!
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We're a Twitter-based roleplay that's been active for over a month and we're right in the middle of an event, come join as a male?



→ the fonts used are ’Letter Gothic std’, and ‘Silent Reaction’.
→ comes with texts for every house.
→ one graphic required, sizing is to be found in the appropriate group.
→ graphics, textures, etcetera, used in this psd are not mine and credit goes to the owners.
→ please do not redistribute as your own.
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All there is to it is changing the text layers to suit your own preferences, adding your own graphic and making the group of your character’s house visible.

→ download here (mf)



Under the cut you will find approximately 500+ HQ small/medium roleplayable gifs of the beauty that is Jenn Im. This is a repost of my old gif hunt which you can find here, some new gifs are added and such. There shouldn’t be any repeats or frozen gifs but I apologize if there are, also non of these gifs are mine and I take no credit for them, all the credit goes to the talented people that made them. Please like or reblog this gif hunt if you’ve found it helpful or useful in any way.


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Anonymous asked: Halle Berry gifs, please?

gif hunts aren’t open but check the ‘halle berry gif’ ‘halle berry gifs’ and ‘halle berry gif hunt’ tags!

one “men suck” comment and suddenly anti-sj garbage bins are feeLING VICTIMIZED AS HELL!!



  • white people are not the bad guys
  • Christian people are not the bad guys
  • Republicans are not the bad guys
  • straight people are not the bad guys
  • cisgender people are not the bad guys
  • rich people are not the bad guys
  • men are not the bad guys
  • racist, bigoted, homophobic, ignorant, selfish, and / or rude people are the bad guys

dear social justice bloggers

this post is trash why do all privileged people have such a victim complex like this


advice: how to tell if your character is a mary sue

If every single poor decision your character makes falls under one of these categories, you are probably writing a Sue. Don’t worry, I’ve included tips on how to fix it.

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notanotherrph’s gif hunts:

Moodboard Gif Hunt (258 gifs) 
  • None of these gifs are mine, all credit goes to the owners.
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Basically, I was tired of the same gifs being used over and over again in hunts and moodboards. Therefore, I have decided to go out hunting for gifs I haven’t seen used, though a few might have been. All of them are at 160 in width.

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