Do’s and Don’ts of Casting Siblings


Here is a little guide on how to help make sure that your siblings can actually correctly portray a family! Includes both what you shouldn’t do and what you should do!

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19. 'GHOSTLY SHADOWS' by cocoofrps
live preview / code
  • 500px Posts
  • Icon // PNG // Sidebar Image // 6 Custom Links // Title
  • Sidebar Background Image // Ask Background Image
  • Optional Cover Background
  • Go to the live preview to see sizes of images.
  • Please do not edit/redistribute/steal. Please like/reblog if using.

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yo yo yo under the cut you will find a masterlist of superlatives that can be used for highschool rpgs or whatever your heart fancies. 

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RepublicWrites Character PSD #1: High School Blues

Just a general character graphic I made while playing around with Photoshop. Works best for a school themed roleplay.

The text and coloring/brightness/etc. layers are all labelled in folders. You may have to adjust the coloring for some PNGs, as they may come out slightly yellow otherwise.

Fonts used are Google Spies, Wolf in the City, and Sunshine Blues

Feel free to edit to your choosing, but do not repost/redistribute it as your own. Page credit is appreciated, but not required. However, please like or reblog this if you intend to use it. 

Download Here (x).

Anonymous said -

hi vikki!! would you suggest as an older zayn fc? i just cant pick since zayn has so distinct features you know? please & thank you !

sure! you were right, this is difficult, zayn’s face is so one-of-a-kind. i don’t know how much older you wanted to go, so i gave a couple ranges. also, there aren’t really any half-pakistani faces out there, so some of the ethnicities aren’t correct, i’m sorry!

  • Jack Huston (31)
  • Maulik Pancholy (40)
  • Sanam Puri (25)

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(second version of theme 05 as requested)

static preview & code

  • Hover the sidebar and six links will show up (4 custom)
  • Sidebar image auto-resizes to 200px width

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I was asked about how to add a sidebar image to this theme several times, that’s why I’m posting a new version. However, I wanted it to be different so under the cut I’m giving you some codes in case you want to modify what’s been changed.

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here are 134 small/medium textless gifs of seychelle gabriel. i didn't make any of these gifs, but i have edited many of them to be smaller & brighter. there should be no exact repeats & they're all under 1MB. please like or reblog if this helped you! :)

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page pack by yifan
includes about page, tag page and redirect page

"My mother told me that my fingertips are long enough touch the moon, but soft enough to catch the stardust."

page 2
dreaming: preview / code

about page
includes title
500x220px header image
3 custom links
bio section

page 3
strange: preview / code

tag page
includes title
3 custom links
3 columns 
5 links per category 

page 4
trees: preview / code

redirect page
100x100px image
old url title
new url link and title

google fonts

my ask box title is literally “what’s the magic word?” why do people still always forget to say please

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Anonymous said -

Hello Vikki, can you please tell me who could play an older Luke Hemmings? Maybe 10 years older or so. Thank you so much and have a lovely day.

yes, definitely!

  • Hunter Parrish
  • Dougie Poynter
  • Mathias Lauridsen

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