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We would especially love a Shelley Hennig, Dane Dehaan, Adelaide Kane, Dylan Sprayberry, or Perrie Edwards!

Theme 06 - Bastille (happy birthday Woody and Dan!)

  • 500px posts
  • 245px sidebar image
  • 5 custom links - the first two are normal links (index and ask) and with the other links, when you click on them they’ll reveal more text or links or whatever you want to put there
  • customisable colors and fonts
♡ code (pastebin) ♡ preview ♡

don’t remove credit or anything and please message me if something isn’t working or if you’re having problems with the theme ❀

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i moved into my dorm today !!

Anonymous said:
Who could play a younger sister to morena baccarin? Like early twenties. Thanks!
  • Cristine Prosperi
  • Nikki Reed
  • Aly Michalka


Anonymous said:
Do you know any awkward/nerdy male FCs that would work as Drakken's son from Kim Possible? Possibly passable as a 15-17 year old? Any ethnicity would do, since he's blue and all [also we tend to white wash so much in RP's why not add a little color? :)] On a side note what's the RP group you run that you keep mentioning? Thank you so much bae! ILY!

i love everything about this message, from the pointing out of white washing to the compliment wow you’re cute but i run tunesrp!! as for your fc (sO many of these are from degrassi idk why) :

  • Alex Wolff
  • AJ Saudin
  • Cameron Boyce
  • Andre Kim
  • Dylan Everett

why do ppl send me manip requests lmao

Anonymous said:
omg who's your sidebar of??? it's been bugging me for ages!

christian slater from when he was in heathers!!



Live Preview | Pastebin | Base Code

This my very first rph theme and I am proud to say, I've named it after Kedra, or better known as the original marzia of rp, marzofrps. I think I'm going to name all of my themes after my lovely rph friends. Anyway, please like/reblog if you found this useful, and my inbox is open if you have any questions.

  • You MAY use this as a base code
  • If you do, give me credit somewhere, your faq, inbox title, whatever.
  • If you don’t change the theme much, then I’d like you to keep my name in the html.
  • One sidebar, size 470x500
  • Six changeable links, home, ask, etc,etc.
  • Moving tab title.
  • Estimate of 500x wide posts.
  • Extremely long description.
  • A background, usually fits anywhere around the 1000 size.


PSD 084 by hollypsds, please, like or reblog if you save, this is important! You can adjust your way, but without removing the credits, you can find more psds here, or if you want you can ask here, I hope you enjoy and have fun!!



A few more males would be awesome, especially if they were George Shelley, Justin Bieber, Austin Butler, Dane Dehaan, or Nat Wolff!